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We understand that every shoot and every client is unique. Your studio solution should be designed to fit your shoot, not the other way around.

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We don't think that photographers should spend extra money on anything that doesn't directly add to higher quality photos. We offer a variety time slots for that fit the many possible needs of our

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Use the access code from your email, and start shooting!

We are here if you need help with anything... but we won't bother you if you don't! Enjoy your time at SHOOTSPACE and we hope you create photographs that you and your clients will love.

What do the pros have to say?


“ShootSpace is a rental studio in NE with great windows and amazing natural light. There a few racks for the photogs equipment (really helpful to have it all laid out and ready for shooting!) and a mini fridge stocked with water bottles too. It’s a great space that is so quick and easy to book, when you need a space in a pinch, I had a blast shooting here.”
— Dj Steinmetz
“Clean space, nice lighting, easy access, efficient process”
— Sydney Baird-Holmes
It was a simple space and great!
— Sarah Kaufman